Shoreline Consulting Group - Drupal and Wordpress Web Development Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

We build astounding websites. Building an astounding website is just the beginning. We plan, architect and design them. We test and deploy them. And most importantly we maintain them, protecting your initial investment with rock-solid infrastructure and reasonable maintenance plans. We engage with challenges and provide user-focused, reliable solutions that can scale to your business' needs.
We're experts in creating amazing Drupal and PHP-based solutions. We build systems tightly integrated with Inbound Marketing, and e-Commerce solutions, and they're simply stunning. We've done complex integrations with third party APIs all the while focusing on performance and ease-of-use.

We empower clients with amazing content management and creation tools, allowing you focus on looking good on the web, where potential clients may be looking, or better yet - engaging.

Our time-tested deployment platform features proper development, test, and live environments so we can work through all of the appropriate software development stages. We remain focused on development and ease of launch as we grow in to new features for your website. We're here to work with you and grow with your team while keeping your project secure and up-to-speed with today's high web demands.

We're huge fans of Drupal

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