With a private social network connected to Brightidea, Colleaga offers a unique innovation solution platform.

Working with agencies is often an experience in balancing layers. The Colleaga project came through us via agency, however we worked with the client directly as well. Our task in this project was to help build the base platform for Colleaga to launch their project. The project was seeking a Drupal solution and custom integration with BrightIdea's Innovation Portal via API.

Team, and API Integration and Supporting Tools
We worked with both design and management teams on the agency, and client side to create the base platform. Our method of organization was via JIRA platform which allowed us to remain agile, re-prioritizing tasks and sub tasks throughout the build. Code is managed via GIT based tools in order to protect, and retain secure backups.

The platform features a social community, Bright Idea content / user integration via API as well as a responsive design. To facilitate faceted search, and the ability to search within PDFs, and documents - we implemented Apache SOLR's search APIs and built the project on Pantheon's rock solid hosting solutions. For times when site usage spikes, and the platform needs to scale, situations are handled seamlessly.

Communication with users is done via Mailchimp which makes it easy for us to integrate to the site, and to give full marketing power to the client in order to create amazing communications with their newsletter subscriber base for marketing purposes.
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Distributed Team - Scalable Tools
The original development team was scattered all around the globe. Powerful tools were required in order to help us maintain focus, and accountability through the process. We enlisted our flavor of JIRA in order to keep everything on track. At a glance, anyone on the team was able to check in on project progress with ease.
Shoreline is able to keep our team lean and focused so as to not over-staff projects.
Weekly SCRUM meetings were held between different teams through the development period in order to establish quick results, identify blockers and progress early on in the project.
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Working with agencies is an ideal situation for our teams. We're able to support where your teams leave off, and focus on delivering reliable solutions. Our experienced team was called on for project management, web development and front end coding. We adapted to the design team's tools of choice and delivered a stand up product.


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