Travel Yukon features engaging, multi-lingual menus and images. Valuable tools for planning trips etc.

Travel Yukon is a government managed website, and serves many travellers through all four seasons of magic in the Yukon. The platform allows users to connect with tourism operators, and see places in a beautiful presentation on the web. It allows visitors to help plan trips to the Yukon. The platform provides a rich information base for people looking to travel or simply research the Yukon. It allows users to plan trips, and really get a taste of what they're setting off to experience on their next tourism based expedition.

The Drupal Way
The website was built with Drupal 6, and was architected with some inherent issues that came to us front and center. This was a project where content authors were challenged to update even the simplest pages thus having to rely on actual web developers to do simple on-page updates. This project came to us as the kind of project which gives Drupal a reputation as being overly complicated, and hard to manage.
This site also came with issues where administrators had to log in to the site periodically when it would crash, and reset specific items. A totally unacceptable use of good production, sleep, and coffee time. Not to mention hard on the reputation.
Beautiful media presentations delight users, and potential visitors alike
Analyze, Design, and Implement
Given the inherent content and page management issues coupled with an out-dated and in-secure version of Drupal, our team set off to do some analysis of the lofty content base. We found specific patterns where developers had PHP code inside content areas, and other difficult to manage solutions which caused major security holes. We designed solutions for each of these cases, as well as scripted a carefully orchestrated list of automated tasks splitting PHP from content, and maintaining page order - all while upgrading to a completely new version of Drupal.
This allowed us to continue through our process of then building a new responsive theme for visual presentation, allowing our users on phones, and tablets to use the site with ease.
As a final phase of this project, we built a new Trade site for Travel Yukon. 
Powerful Sales tools Library for Media and Press

Keeping your projects fast, safe, and up to date

Our team was able to integrate smoothly with a project that was evolving at a rapid rate, and required a rapid rescue. We were able to take an old out-dated version of the platform, upgrade all of its content to a new version and architect things appropriately so we could properly deploy, and integrate new functions and features. The site has been astonishingly reliable and does not require any administrative intervention in order to remain reliable.

Once re-architected, and moved to our platform of choice, the client noticed an immediate surge in performance and the site is refreshingly reliable.

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