Beta Canada is the Canadian distributor for Betamotor Motorcycles. Beta Canada transcends marketing with a hands-on, tactile approach. Annually, the Beta Canada Demo Fleet travels over 10,000kms to various choice destinations across Canada offering actual seat time on current model year bikes on actual trails.

This project is a joint venture between Tourism New Brunswick, and Tourism Maine. Our team was brought in on this project to migrate the site in to a usable form. 

Working with agencies is often an experience in balancing layers. The Colleaga project came through us via agency, however we worked with the client directly as well. Our task in this project was to help build the base platform for Colleaga to launch their project. The project was seeking a Drupal solution and custom integration with BrightIdea's Innovation Portal via API.

Travel Yukon is a government managed website, and serves many travellers through all four seasons of magic in the Yukon. The platform allows users to connect with tourism operators, and see places in a beautiful presentation on the web. It allows visitors to help plan trips to the Yukon. The platform provides a rich information base for people looking to travel or simply research the Yukon. It allows users to plan trips, and really get a taste of what they're setting off to experience on their next tourism based expedition.

Bike Monkey is a growing retail bike shop located in Truro, Nova Scotia. The business has been growing steadily year over year and recently decided to move their physical location. They moved from the outskirts of Truro to downtown. A bold move placing them 150m from Hub Cycle which has been serving downtown for over 15 years. It was at this time that they tapped Shoreline Consulting to help upgrade their digital space.

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