Web Development

We build astounding websites. But building an astounding website is just the beginning. We plan, architect and design them. We test and deploy them. And most importantly we maintain them, protecting your initial investment with rock-solid infrastructure and reasonable maintenance plans. We engage with challenges and provide user-focused, reliable solutions that can scale to your business' needs.

We're experts in creating amazing Drupal and PHP-based solutions. We build systems tightly integrated with Inbound Marketing, and e-Commerce solutions, and they're simply stunning. We've done complex integrations with third party APIs all the while focusing on performance and ease-of-use.

We empower clients with amazing content management and creation tools, allowing you focus on looking good on the web, where potential clients may be looking, or better yet - engaging. Our time-tested deployment platform features proper development, test, and live environments so we can work through all of the appropriate software development stages. We remain focused on development and ease of launch as we grow in to new features for your website. We're here to work with you and grow with your team while keeping your project secure and up-to-speed with today's high web demands.

Support, Maintenance and Improvements

We may not like it, but there are malicious people and services built to target specific common platforms. While it is believed that well over 1,000,000 sites on the web are using Drupal, this is a minute number of sites. There are some massive news, government, media and business services built using Drupal and this is because they know that when attacks come, Drupal is far more secure than many common platforms. First, we have your site hosted on our partner platform. Then we schedule backups and book off site copies. Once a solid audit and recommendations are followed, we're on track for regular monthly maintenance. We're subscribed to notification services for your site(s) and are able to proactively schedule updates and code patching etc.

At the end of the day, we're protecting your investment and we're all able to sleep better at night. Days of counting downtime and losses due to server outages be done!

Since we've built things on a solid platform, with proper tools in place - we're ready to go through that blue-sky list you have for website improvements and really get your project singing.

Team Integration - Project Leadership

Where your agency or business talents stop: ours start. We have resources available with the skills required to build amazing web based projects. Your business' success online is paramount to us, so whether we're acting as a white-label Drupal web development team silently or as part of your roster steering the ship - we're working within both our best practices towards common goals. Our deep roster of seasoned, highly skilled developers know the Drupal, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery world well, and we fill in the holes where your team requires us. Wherever possible, we maintain a single point of contact. We've also got our own sophisticated project and content management tools like Atlassian's JIRA and Confluence or Pivotal Tracker to be sure we're all well organized and on the same page at all stages of the project cycle.

Our team is pleased to offer both contract or retainer based services depending on project requirements.

We’ve got the team in place to make your team look good. If you’ve got a project that needs heavy lifting beyond your team’s capacity, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started.

Inbound Marketing

You can have killer SEO and a really fantastic framework but if you're not producing and distributing high quality content, you're missing out. Our team produces content that converts for a wide variety of platforms. We use industry leading tools to help manage and maintain your authority online. Our team can deliver quality content in your brands' voice and we are also able to provide guidance on do's and don'ts for producing your own content. From social to web to inbound offers, we create and manage the content that gives your brand a voice. 

Social media can be an absolutely monster to manage if you're not careful. We help create, post and promote content that will help you show the world what you're all about. We know where your target market is because we're there too, monitoring trends and keeping track of influencers. 

So whether you need a few good words to spice up your old website, a few great posts to launch your brand or a few great chapters for that key piece of inbound content, we've got the knowledge and the experience to make it happen. 

We Build Astounding Websites

Focused on Drupal Development, Shoreline Consulting is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our highly experienced team is excited to help you with your next project.

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